Wednesday July 10, 2013

I have just released a minor update of riak-scala-client to bring it up to date with Spray, now that it has finally released the long-awaited M8 milestone. It also contains some minor improvements and fixes.

This release comes in two flavors to satisfy both the stable crowd and the early adopters. Version is compatible with Akka 2.1.x (compiled against 2.1.4) and Spray 1.1-M8 while version is compatible with Akka 2.2-RC1 and Spray 1.2-M8. A release compatible with the final release of Akka 2.2 will follow as soon as Spray releases a compatible version for it.

Changes include:

  • Some internal code changes to bring the code up to date with the Spray M8 API
  • Better handling of Riak tombstone values during conflict resolution (tombstoned values will now be ignored)
  • The default value of the add-client-id-header configuration property has been changed to no. This better reflects common practise since virtually no one is running pre-1.0 versions of Riak anymore and all post-1.0 versions support the newer vnode ids. Of course you can still set it to yes in your application.conf if you want.
  • The client will no longer erroneously add the ETag and Last-Modified headers in requests to Riak. These are response headers and have no place in a request.
  • General code cleanup

A bigger release with more new features will follow soon. Work was on hold for a few months while other things had a higher priority but priority has now been restored and I’ll be adding more of the missing Riak features, solving your issues, and merging in your pull requests as soon as possible! My apologies for the temporary slow down.

Happy Riakking!